Nowadays we have many small business financing options for small and new businesses. Acquiring enough funds is very critical in getting your startup business off the ground. Are you in need of a startup loan for a new business?


Get Financing For Small Business

Family Members And Friends

Family, siblings, and friends will support your business during its early stages. This small business financing is suitable for startup businesses that need funding to prove that the idea can be successful. This business financing method is also beneficial for startups before they can access other funding methods.

This method is quick and it also has flexible terms. However, business failure might damage the relationship you share with your family and friends. It’s therefore important to assess the impact that a failure can cause before you ask for a loan from family and friends.


Bank Loans

Bank loans are a popular source of small business financing. Banks usually offer simple and effective financing options for the growth of businesses. But first, you should do thorough research on the types of loans offered by banks and their interest rates.

If you have a business bank account it will be easy to convince the bank for a loan. If you don’t have a business account, ensure you come up with a well-researched business case. Use this case to convince the bank to approve your loan request.

It’s also important to research and establish whether your request will be approved. Note that if your loan is denied it will have a negative impact on your credit score.



This business financing method involves getting funds online from the general public. It involves peer-to-peer lending or people taking a stake in your business. This method is perfect for startup businesses that have great growth potential.

A business’s growth potential is responsible for attracting attention that will result in small business financing. However, this method will need you to invest a lot of effort in publicity and it may also take time to hit your target.


Business Angels

Business angels are wealthy individuals that can provide small business financing in exchange for shares in a business. Angel investors can involve a group or it could be a private individual.

If you want to retain 100% shares in your business this option is not for you. The advantage of this business financing method is that angel investors can provide business advice or guidance aside from the funds.


Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists offer a considerably larger amount of startup business loans than angel investors. In exchange for a loan, they will demand equity in your business. They are often willing to provide huge funds to speed up business growth so as to realize profits within a short period of time.

This method is perfect for startups with high growth potential. Also if you don’t mind giving up equity in your business you can consider this method. Venture capitalists will provide expert advice for business growth and it can also lead to more contracts within their networks.


The Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA guarantees business financing for small and startup businesses. The start-up business loans don’t come directly from SBA rather it guarantees the loans provided by certified lenders.

To apply for an SBA loan you will have to identify a certified local bank to work with. You will also be required to provide at least a third of the capital needed for your startup businesses for the loan to go through.


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