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Unsecured Loan Specialists will make the Business Lending process much easier and faster for you. We can consult, advise and assist you with an Unsecured Business Loan or a line of credit with no hassle or headaches requiring very minimum paperwork for you to be approved. A regular Unsecured Business Loan and Lines of credit through financial institutions and banks can take up to 3 months of hassle, headaches, and a lot of paperwork required. Unsecured Loan Specialists can consult, advise and assist you in getting a 3rd party approval within 48 hours with minimal paperwork required. You will have the money in hand in no time at the best interest rates on the market and eliminate the need for assets or collateral to secure a loan.


OUR Consulting, Advisory, and Assistance Programs Help You With:

  • AMOUNTS FROM 10,000 TO 500,000

Unsecured Loan Specialists is a company for business owners who value their time, peace of mind, and positive results. Simply put your information on the contact form and one of our Loan Consultant Specialists will contact you within 24 hours to let you know how our consulting, advisory, and assistance program best fits your needs.

Business Loans

Every business has a mission and vision to follow, but to achieve these you need to have adequate capital to finance your business operations. Take note that capital is not enough if you do not have leadership expertise, interpersonal skills, and quick decision–making just to see through your operations to succeed. You may have the vision to reach new heights in the world of business, but your funds are not enough to make these a reality and stop you from using your skills at the same time. However, you can proceed with this realization if you start with us today for unsecured business loans.

What are those unsecured 3rd party business loans?

Unsecured 3rd party business loans present no restrictions and limitations imposed by the loan provider. This means that you do not have to use tangible and intangible assets as your collateral and additional business capital. You should also expect that your loan provider would not insist on a debt-equity ratio just to safeguard the loan amount.

What are the principal issues you should look out for from loan providers?

You can consider many factors, just spruce up your business just to fight back your bad credit problem using loans. Remember that bad credit unsecured business loans have immense benefits and importance since you do not pledge any collateral for your loans. In addition, loans without any collateral are burden-free loans for a bad credit holder such as you. APR is the most important issue that you need to know in detail because your loan amount is a bit expensive, being an unsecured loan and the charge of your interest would be high as well. Therefore, you should know first those principal issues involved in this kind of loan, and these are as follows:

1) Fees – Are the amount usually charged by your loan providers as compensation for his or her rendered services called points. You can consider these points as your additional investment. You can agree to pay an increased point in exchange for a better interest rate, but you need to compare it with the other fees charged by other competitive lenders. Fees constitute the major part of your loan, so fees become one of the most important criteria.

2) Repayment – Most loan providers would not agree to repayment for the first 2 – 5 years, but you can seek a premature settlement of your loan account after your period of conclusion. This will help you get rid of your loan without incurring any redemption penalties.

3) Grace period – Is the period for which your loan providers will allow you to extend your monthly repayments. For instance, late payment to the fifteenth of the same month is not late if your monthly repayment is due on the first day of every month. Take note that you can negotiate a better grace period from the loan provider without any worries.

What are the benefits of getting unsecured business loans? Unsecured business loans help you in getting the proper and much–needed funding and resources for the growth of your business. You can retain your ownership of your company’s assets instead of raising funds by selling your company’s interest to an outsider. You can control your cash flow management where the lenders provide you access to the capital you need with only a minimal upfront payment and flexibility of your loan repayment schedule that suits your financial status.

You can also have the tax advantage wherein the interest rate of your loan is deductible in your tax. By this, you can help to save your hard-earned money. Keep in mind that each loan you borrowed has high-interest rates without collateral, so you can choose to pay a variable or fixed interest rates on the amount you have borrowed. A variable interest rate is not constant and can fluctuate to a common standard rate and the fixed remains constant for an agreed period, which becomes a long–term loan. As a result, getting unsecured business loans always makes a big difference!

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