How to Prevent Identity Theft.

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1)Just like you brush your teeth everyday,make sure you check your financial accounts. Usually thieves will start with something small to make sure everything they have works. Go over your statements thoroughly. If there is anything that you are not sure of call to find out. The most important thing with ID theft is to catch it early.

2)Review your credit at least once a year. The three major credit reporting agencies by law are required by law to allow one free credit report once a year. We prefer Transunion. They are one of the most comprehensive consumer credit report available online today. It is free for the first 7 days!!

You must cancel the free 7 day credit report service with the providing service not us. We use there report because they are  one of the most comprehensive reports on the market for free.
3)Protect your information. There should be almost no reason to carry a social security card or other sensitive information on you. Do not store information like auto passwords on cell phones. Cell phones will probably be the easiest way thieves will gather information in the future.
These steps can drastically reduce your chances of becoming a victim of ID theft. This is important for many reasons like securing a personal or business loan, mortgage, auto loan and other lines of credit.
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