How Much is 15,000 Dollars on a Credit Card Going to Cost You? Get an Unsecured Loan to Pay it Off.

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Our calculations of 15 thousand dollars on a credit card at 23% Interest.

If you made no more purchases At a minimum monthly payment of 300 dollars. It would take 285 years to pay it off without any late payments.

The interest charges would be an amazing 324,348 dollars on top of the original 15,000= 339,348 dollars

One of our Unsecured Loans can have the exact same 15,000.00 paid off in 5 years at only 290.00 per month. A total of 17,400.00 dollars.

That is a savings of an incredible 321,948.00 dollars.

This is just an estimate. Every account has different terms. This is a process that many consumers take advantage of.

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